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About ANA NFTs:

ANA NFTs is an official collection of 1017 Poly Art pieces of Ana Montana living on the Ethereum Blockchain. This limited collection, created by Analicia Chaves with Rho Botix, consists of over 250+ traits. Mint Price is .04 ETH + Gas Fees. 10 Limit Per Wallet.


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+ Holders receive Private Channel Access on Discord.

+ Holders will be whitelisted for future Ana Montana NFT drops.

+ Holders will receive an exclusive invite to an Ana NFT Art Show hosted in Los Angeles. This event will also be live streamed to holders that can’t make the in person event.

+ A percentage of the profit will be given to charity. Holders will have the chance to vote on the charity to support!

+ More to Come. Follow Ana NFTs’ journey by joining her own community at +1(213)277-6317

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